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Sarasota Spa Maintenance and Repair

Sarasota Spa Maintenance and Repair by Bella Pool and Spa of Sarasota

Sarasota Spa Maintenance and Repair

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! Fall is upon us, and in the Sarasota-Lakewood Ranch region, that means spa and hot tub season. This the time of year when southwest Florida’s cool autumn weather lets us gather for a comfortably warm soak with friends—and we still won’t freeze when we get out to get our towels.

So is your home’s spa ready to entertain? Here’s why Sarasota spa service and repair are so important this time of year.

Common Issues with Sarasota Spas and Hot Tubs

While we enjoy Sarasota-Bradenton’s year-round pool weather, spas and hot tubs might not get as much action. This can cause a number of issues that you’ll want to have a professional spa service address before you crank the jets and step in.

  1. If you haven’t used your spa in a while, you have no idea what condition it’s in. Even if the water looks OK, things can still be lurking in your tub, lining, filters, jets, motors, and plumbing. And if you use a spa cover, that too can be harboring its own issues.


  1. Water issues and chemical imbalances grow exponentially when a spa isn’t used. And when you add hot water to the mix, you might be dealing with a particularly nasty microorganism soup.


  1. Slow leaks may have been happening all summer long. Or you might uncover leaks in your spa equipment the moment you turn it on.


  1. Especially in Florida, we tend to wait until the evening time to crank up the spa. This can be the hardest time to determine if there are issues, and what they might be. (Harder still if there are cocktails involved.) And you don’t want to be discovering new spa problems after business hours.


Why Sarasota Spas Need a Pre-Season Maintenance Visit

Some issues with your spa—like water discoloration, low water level, or noisy or non-operational equipment—will be obvious. But not every spa problem will jump out at you when you take that cover off on the first cool night in October.

During a standard spa service visit from Bella Pool and Spa, our certified pool technicians can test all of your equipment, your water chemicals, and everything else that needs to be assessed.

  • Among our Sarasota spa service options, Bella can:
  • Check and balance spa chemicals
  • Test equipment and assess mechanical and electrical issues
  • Clean and/or change filters
  • Check for leaks
  • Assess lining and surrounding area
  • Provide transparent documentation (including photos), notification and explanations for our services


Even better, our technicians may even be able to make repairs in the same spa maintenance appointment. And remember, Bella also offers pool, spa and screen powerwashing services.

Book Your Sarasota Spa Service Today

We don’t get a lot of ideal spa days in Sarasota-Manatee. You don’t want to miss any opportunities because your home spa is out of service.

If you want to book a Sarasota home spa maintenance visit, or you just have questions about Sarasota spas, contact Bella Pool and Spa today. Our stellar pool service reputation extends to service and repair of spas and hot tubs, too.

Sarasota pool and spa service go hand-in-hand. It’s all right there in our name.

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