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Why Well Water is Typically bad for Pools

Why Well Water is Typically bad for Pools

Why Well Water is Typically bad for Pools

Working in our industry, it is not uncommon to get questions concerning swimming pool staining.  Here in this blog, we dive into the potential dangers of using well water as refill water for your swimming pool.

Pool staining can come from a variety of different sources, but most the common culprit in our area by far, is the usage of well water in swimming pools.   Well water quality varies by the area and individual well, but we have tested pool water (refilled with well water) for customers and have confirmed metals like copper and iron which have subsequently been found as stain in their pools.  In addition to metals that stain pool surfaces, well water might also contain high TDS (total dissolved solids) and phosphates which can wreak havoc on the sanitation of your pool.  These issues prevent the ability of swimming pools to maintain any provided chlorine and pose a risk to water clarity and safety.  The results can cause extreme chemical usage, algae blooms, staining, and or the frequent requirement to dilute a pool with fresh clean filtered water just to continue a regular service routine. 

Long story short, we have found and recommend to ALL our customers who use well water to use a specialized pool water filter on refill.  Specialized pool refill filters focus on removing TDS, metals, phosphates, and other containments associated with pool swimming water.  We have seen first-hand, how just a little attention to the quality of refill water can make such a huge difference on the appearance and safety of your pool!  

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Tyler King

Well, I am certified pool specialist, which includes 10+ years of experience in nearly everything concerning your pool maintenance and swimming experience. I am a partial owner of Bella Pool and Spa of Sarasota, a company dedicated to bringing our expertise to anyone in the Sarasota and Venice FL areas.
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